What we do | You put a great deal of thought into launching your product, growing your company, breathing life into your event, building support for your cause. Award-winning photographers Shiho Fukada and Keith Bedford work across multiple media platforms to produce the images, video and audio to tell your story.

Commercial | Ever notice how some portraits make executives appear a bit stiff and unnatural? We bring creativity and intuition into the studio, so your players come across as the dynamic, innovative thinkers they are. Whether you’re going green, launching a gadget, or opening a state-of-the-art factory – we want to tell your story. Having produced images for Apple, Nike, Starbucks, and HTC, we will work with you to create the visuals to best illustrate your brand.

Humanitarian |  China, India, Iraq, or Afghanistan - we have been to some of the most difficult places on the planet, covering humanitarian issues and natural disasters for the largest news organizations in the world. We bring the eyes of skilled journalists to your project, as well as the stamina and commitment to help aid agencies deliver their message.

Who we are |  We are both award winning photographers who work for The New York Times, TIme, People, Business Week, and Fortune, just to name a few. Our son Atlas is just a one year old, but he already has his own camera.

Where we are | We may be based in New York, but we are available for assignments world wide. You can reach us at +1-917-460-6847 and +1-917-618-8975 or at hello@bedfordfukada.com.

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