In Beijing for GQ Man of The Year

To say that light is the photographers best friend is an understatement. Usually I am a big fan of warm light usually found in the early morning hours as the sun comes up or in the late evening as it goes down. If I could shoot between the hours of 4:30AM and 7:00AM or 5:00PM to 7:00PM I would be a happy camper with images touched by golden hour light. Since I don’t live in that world I make do with the light that’s provided or the light I make on my own. I shot the GQ ┬áMen of the Year in China the other night and while the light was challenging, their lighting designer made use of interesting gels for lovely blues and reds making for some pretty interesting color. Since my client wanted something shot more “journlisticly”, they were more than happy to let me shoot available light with slow shutter speed to play with the light on hand. If only everyone had this much to play with I might rethink my early morning/evening sunlight infatuation.